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Motor Own Damage (MOD) Insurance

The motor own damage insurance indemnifies you for a loss resulting from loss of or damage to your car as a result of any risks covered by the policy, such as impact, collision, burning, theft, etc.

Home Participation Insurance

It is a comprehensive insurance product covering any loss of or damage to your household goods such as furniture, caused by any insured risks, such as theft, flood, etc. any loss or damage caused by the occurrence of any insured risk to your neighbors, in accordance with the special conditions and up to the limit of coverage as set out in the policy.

Personal Accident Participation Insurance

The personal accident insurance provides protection to the insured against risks of death or permanent disability as a result of an accident occurred during the term of the insurance.

The personal accident insurance can be extended to cover the expenses incurred for medical treatment as a result of an accident and the daily indemnity payable in the event of loss of employment as a result of an accident in consideration of payment of an extra premium.